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VT1696 | Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set(8pcs)

* Re-face the diesel injector seat in
   order for the new or reconditioned
   injector to be fitted correctly.
* Clean and re-cutting of injector seat.
* Avoid a high risk of "blow-by"
   occurring cause of the build up of carbon
   deposits and the effects of corrosion.
* Application for all modern common
  rail diesel engines.
*Clamping range 28-18mm.

*Kit includes:
 5-pcs reamer
 15 x 19 mm flat reamer( Universal application )
 17 x 17 mm flat reamer-(Delphi / Bosch Injectors
 BMW, PSA, Renault, Ford )
 17 x 19 mm flat reamer- Bosch Injectors (Mercedes CRD
 17 x 17 mm angled reamer-( Mercedes Benz CDI)
 17 x 21 mm angled reamer –(Fiat/Iveco )
 1-Injector cleaner
 1-T handle
 1-Pilot Post
*Reamer material:SKD11(CR-MO)
*Cutter surface:Polish
*RC:58-60 degree

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