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VT1004 | Universal Outside Thread Chaser

* Eliminates the need or expensive
   thread -cutting equipment.
* Secure the tool slightly on the good threads,
   then back off over the damaged thread area
   to restore the threads.
* Working capacity :
   1-1/4” - 5” OD.
* Die cast alloy V-Pad will not damage the
   threads and could be replaced while worn out.
* Die cast alloy V-pad includes 2 dimension with
   the thread chaser.

* 7 pcs 4-side thread blades for thread sizes:
   SAE:  Blade-1: 4N, 5N, 6N, 7N
           Blade-2: 7-1/2N, 9N, 11N, 11-1/2N
           Blade-3: 8N, 10N, 12N, 14N 
           Blade-4: 16N, 18N, 20N, 24N
   Metric:  Blade-5: 1P, 1.25P, 1.5P, 1.75P 
              Blade-6: 2P, 2.5P, 3P, 3.5P
              Blade-7: 4P   

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