VT1562 | 10-PC 1/2"DR. Torque Extension Bar Set

*Prevent damage to lug nutsand aolly
*This set includes a wide range of torque
 settings(55 - 175 ft lb)
*55 ft.lb.(75 Nm) (Red),
 65 ft.lb.(90 Nm) (Yellow),
 80 ft.lb.(110 Nm) (Green),
100 ft.lb.(135 Nm) (Blue),
105ft.lb (145 Nm)(purplr red),
120 ft.lb.(160 Nm) (White),
140 ft.lb.(190 Nm) (Black) ,
150 ft.lb(205 Nm)(Grey),
175 ft.lb.(240 Nm) (Orange)
*Professional grade chrome molybdenum
 construction 1/2" square drive length 7-7/8"